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Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore

Over 20 years old, and still unable to swim? We all know that swimming is a life-long sport and important life skills. By knowing how to swim, you will be able to enjoy activities such as scuba diving, kayaking etc with a peace of mind.


If you are seeking swimming lessons for yourself, Isplash Swim School conducts adult swimming lessons at various public pools in Singapore. 


Learn a life skill today! 

Swimming Lessons For Kids

We are listed in various popular parenting blogs as one of the leading swim school providing swimming lessons for kids. Additionally, since early 2018, we also started our toddler swimming lessons program. 


Our flagship classes are conducted at ActiveSG pools in Singapore. 

Swimming Lessons Singapore

We are one of the leading swim schools in Singapore. We specialize in conducting swimming lessons for various age groups. 


Isplash Swim School specialize in:

-Swimming Lessons For Toddler

-Swimming Lessons For Kids

-Swimming Lessons For Adult (Female Swimming Instructor Available) 


Additionally, our blog provides fitness and wellness tips:

-Benefits of swimming

-Warming up and cooling down facts